It’s FINALLY freakin’ here! We have been so crazy busy putting together our spring projects that I have not had time to post and take a lot of pictures.

This week we got the new garden beds in. Sixty sqft of beds were added to the main bed, then another 15-20 each in our root bed and a new shade flower bed.

I had nine people come over to help and we moved pile after pile of dirt and wood chips around my lawn. We double dug the new beds (specifically trenching them and putting chicken pen bedding at the bottom), layered on last year’s compost, mixed in last year’s dirt, then put the new mix of dirt and leaf humus on top, mixing it in slightly. We built a path of the rotting wood chips from the chicken pen through the bed and then layed new wood chips into the chicken pen. Our lawn is flooding pretty bad so we also began raising and regarding the whole lawn. We also dug irrigation trenches next to the beds, creating vast puddles of water for draining water away from the lawn to ue for watering the beds. In the end, the beds are gorgeous! We already have some trellis’s being set up and peas, kale, spinach, radishes and carrots in the ground, a well as our Astibles for the shade flowers. We scattered red clover seed to start reseeding our lawn, fixing nitrogen and building biomass. The clover will serve as feed for the rabbits and chickens as well and should be able to handle traffic better than just grass.

In the end we spent 10AM to 7PM moving dirt on Sunday, and retired to a Chorizo and Potato Stuffed Chicken at the end of the day. The chicken was prepared the night before and just stuck in the oven to cook for hours. Low and slow! Roasted asparagus and carrots on the side… Delicious!
(Want the recipe? Go check it out on our Facebook Page and like our page while you’re at it!)

The Ameraucanas are growing out nicely and are starting to spend 24/7 outside in a tractor. I built them a “coop” out of a cardboard box wrapped in plastic and filled with bedding up on bricks. Keeps them warm and dry even in the crazy rain we have been getting.

Since they’re out of the brooder, the brooder lamp is now in the basement making warm-weather plants grow. My tomatoes and peppers are in starters in the basement. Watermelons and cilantro as well! Zucchini is going in and soon corn and beans will too! So excited!

Things are moving along. This past week I taught two people how to butcher rabbits. Progress as been made all around!

Soon I will just make a big picture dump to show it to you all! Hooray!

5 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. I went to the Facebook page, but I’m not seeing the recipe there.

    We mixed red clover with white clover seed when we redid our “pasture” area. I am excited to see how it will turn out and hoping the chickens won’t yank it all out like they did the grass. They aren’t allowed on it for several weeks. I like the idea of clover so much better than grass.

  2. Chorizo and Potato stuffed Chicken sounds just amazing. And I agree with Robin, I prefer clover over grass any day. I really like any ground cover over grass. I know it’s not always ideal but it just looks prettier. Love your blog and recipes. Thank you!

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