Cold Snap and the end of the year

Keeping up with blogging has been difficult lately. Christmas was promptly followed by my birthday, new years and now the coldest day in a decade. On Christmas, The Hawk came back and took two of my birds including Nugget. That means both of my original Golden Girls are now gone. All the Australorps are still fine so we still have the Old Guard, but none of the new girls have names yet. Nor are they laying. Egg production is almost non existant right now.

We have strung CDs to try to keep The Hawk away, but that method can be questionable at best. So far there has been no sign of the chicken killer, but it hasn’t been long yet.

Last yearwhen hurrican Sandy hit, I expressed my lack of concern over thhe rain storm as our winter weather is far worse than any hurricane that reaches us. After getting two feet of snow (and having to shovel off the chicken coop and rabbit hutch!) We discovered that our temperatures were about to fall drastically. The past week has been a frantic rush to build cages and move all the animals indoors. We finished them up yesterday and brought in all the critters we could, even the hens. By noon our temperatures had fallen to 0. We brought all the animals into the garage by 3PM, after which the temperature fell rapidly. Overnight it was a balmy 20s in my garage while outdoors a -36 windchill blasted the area. Some of the hens had already been showing signs of pre-frostbite on their combs when they were brought indoors at 3PM. Overall we fell 53 degrees in 24 hours.  We will be back into the 20s by nightfall today and the hens will be back outdoors. Right now however it is still brutal and 0 degrees out.

I finished tanning my first batch of rabbit hides with medium success. Some of them came out a bit papery in texture… Nothing like the suede texture I was hoping for but still workable. I am thinking of making a throw out of them. We’ll see. It is certainly strange trying to stretch and work the hides!

We are still finishing the current setup for the rabbits with stacked cages, but once that is finished ourpalns for the spring and summer will continue to expand! We are hoping to double our garden and we are considering miniature ruminants such as goats and sheep to continue to grow out homestead! Progress will be made and maybe now that the winter panic is over I can begin to update more often… But the work on a farm, however small, is never done!

Tonight I will be putting the last of the CXs I got for free into the freezer, and making chicken soup out of the bones. For the first time in weeks I will get a nice and quiet night!


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