It would seem we have a bit of a houseguest here on the homestead. I have always been one to taken in broken waifs of animals but this one’s a particular surprise. I found him hopping about a neighbor’s driveway, dangerously close to cars, cats, dogs, and foxes… And nowhere near far enough away from the many raptors I have heard recently. I chased him about for a bit and then scooped him up and carried him home.

This bird is a fledgling. He (I’m assuming he) can fly, but is not feathered out and is having some issues. He spends most of his day hopping about and not flying at all. He’s really struggling with something gone wrong in his leg. You can see how he holds it, extended and at an angle. I’m thinking something like a tendon or muscular issue. Nothing is obviously broken and his wings are fine, he is just loathe to use them. I have been feeding him earthworms from the dirt and some berries but I’m going to have trouble feeding him like this. I may need to hit up a pet store for crickets and mealworms. Suggestions on easy-to-catch bugs would be great! Robins are insectivores and there’s only a few wild strawberries he can eat in a day.

I’m going to try to get ahold of a local wildlife rehabber. If they can’t take him I’ll keep him in my garage for a bit until he has had time to at least get over the worst of his injuries.

I hope he recovers soon though…. Hunting worms is hard!

In the meantime Kibbles lost her second runty kit. So we’re down to ten healthy and active babies. The weather has gotten much cooler these past few days and I am setting up to tan my first set of hides! Wish me luck!


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