Huston, we have a problem!

This has not been our month. Not one bit! While some things go right some things just keep on going wrong. This time it’s the case of the disappearing bunnies. We need a regular ‘ol Sherlock Holmes for this one, although I would settle for a Nancy Drew at this point! Our litter of rabbits is just flat-out cursed.

We lost two of our baby rabbits to happenstance in the cage. One was crushed, another heatstroke. This left us with seven. Yet for the past two days that number has dwindled to five. The bunnies are in a locked cage. The walls are all solid wood or 1/2″ hardware cloth. All the gaps in the cage have been plugged or repaired so rabbit can’t get out. There are no tracks around that I can identify despite the mud. I can barely fit my fingertip through most of the gaps. There is no blood, no sign of distress, although I have found a small amount of fur near the cage but that could just be shedding. And yet for the past two nights, each night a baby rabbit has vanished from the cage. I have searched the lawn high and low for remains or any sign of them and nothing.

Interestingly, the chickens have also had some issues. One of them looks to be molting, feathers everywhere, decreased egg production. But is it really? And even though I close the chicken pen each night it’s a little bit open the next day, enough for the chickens to be loose in my lawn. The chickens have never tested the door before and I don’t think they can open it on their own. It’s a bit heavy. But something the size of a small dog could.

I suspect a fox or a raccoon but it could be a person. However, neither makes any sense. If it was a wild animal, why not attack the chickens instead? I do not close their coop door so anything could just walk right in. If it’s a person trying to “liberate” animals, why not take the rabbits in the garage or any of the chickens? Those aren’t under lock and key. I am getting paranoid and distressed. Where the heck are my rabbits going!?

We’re going to move the baby rabbits to the upper cage and start locking the garage and the gate on our fence, something we have never done before. We’re going to check again for gaps. If we have to we’ll put a camera out. I need all four of my cages to be functional to have baby rabbits in them and clearly right now they aren’t. I’m not honestly sure what to do.

Tomorrow is my demonstration on harvesting rabbits for the college class. I don’t think I will be recording it. Someday perhaps I will make a video on it of my own but tomorrow is not that day. I’m just too nervous! Here’s hoping it goes better than this litter of rabbits has been!


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