Normal visuals are so dull. No imagination at all.

It’s been quite a while since I blogged. Not that things aren’t happening… I just lack motivation to write about it. I’m not sure why. So Greg encouraged me to start drawing comics of my tales of woe and joy on my little bitty farmstead.

I have been big on illustration and art for some time now. As a kid I did nothing but read, draw and chase animals around. A few simple comics could bring me back into the realm of blogging. Maybe someone will even enjoy my humor!

And now for something informative. Broody is when a chicken stops laying eggs in order to hatch them out. The hen gets cranky and sits on the nest 24/7 just leaving once a day to poop and eat. This is great if you want chicks from fertile eggs, but sometimes they do it even when there’s no eggs to hatch in the nest and I don’t have any fertile eggs. It’s entirely hormonal, and if you don’t break them of their broodyness they may sit on an empty nest for MONTHS waiting for chicks to hatch from non-existant eggs.
To break them of this, you put them in a cage with a wire bottom where they CAN’T nest. Every time they try they get a cool breeze up their bottom and they end up cooling down and loosing interest in keeping eggs warm. It’s called a “broody box” or a “broody buster”. You can put in a nest area with a “clutch” of ice cubes to hatch with the same effect but they melt. I have both, because I wanted a dry cardboard box for her to get into when it was wet. So instead of ice cubes I have a frozen water bottle. It should serve the same purpose.

After being put in the box, she began to flip out, running back and forth and throwing her feathers up as high as she could, and continued on this way until it began to rain. She has her box, and a tarp over half the cage to keep her dry. I do hope she starts laying again soon because I just got a regular egg customer for the next three months!


2 thoughts on “Visuals

  1. I just LOVE the illustration! And how frustrating….I hope the broody box works! I’m stashing all of this info away in my head – when we move out into the country, you bet I’m going to have chickens!

    • It seems to be working. She’s calming down and tomorrow we will put her in with the others and see how it goes. I think she might be ready to lay some eggs again…! Thanks for the comments!

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