Technically my last update was “last night” so this isn’t really two updates in one day.. right? But I wanted to update about my rabbits!

I went out to check on baby rabbits today and they’re all doing great. I got my first real look at the rex-cross litter and how they are coat-wise. I have picked them up and handled them a lot but they have been underdeveloped in the coat for a while, and then we got the cold snap and they were hiding under fur every day.
I know a fair amount about coat color genetics, but I had no way of knowing what colors the rex babies were going to come out as… This is because, though mom is otter in coat, and dad is white, a white coat is just a lack of pigmentation. If there’s no pigment, then there’s no way of seeing what the genetic coat patterns are! So they could have gotten spots or stripes or just about anything from their dad pattern-wise.

So far my pairing has expressed three coats. Red Eyed White, Sable and Black. None of them came out with the “otter” coat of their mom. All of them have soft fur, but not the dense fur of an adult rex. I am not sure if baby rex rabbits have that dense plush coat or not, but I suspect they will develop into an extremely soft version of the New Zealand coat; thick medium-length furs. New Zealands have fairly corse fur, so this is a big difference in fur quality.

All around I’m very pleased with this pairing. It gives me exactly what I wanted; rabbits in a few different “natural” colors with extremely soft coats… But not the short fur of the rex. These are the “ideal” fur rabbits to me, and with how fast they have been growing, I suspect they’ll still be amazing meaties.

It seems, also, that I have sold most of these rabbits already again. Including the litter of New Zealand Whites. Greg and I have been discussing adding to our rabbit hutch, or building up cages in the garage. VERY exciting! The litter of whites is growing a little slow… I’m not sure why they are, but I suspect they will still be huge adults. As soon as they are on solid foods they should grow very fast.

Today all the bunnies snacked on lots of dandelion flower stems. The stems of the flowers are full of sugars and nutrients to feed the flowers and give a great calorie boost to the moms. Plus it gives me a reason to “weed” my lawn, and prevent too many of those flowers from going to seed!

Litter of New Zealand Whites

My sister’s chinese crested getting nose-to-nose with a baby bunny

Two of the rex babies, one sable and one black for comparison

One of the huge sable babies sticking it’s head out of the emergency nest box I put in, covered in mom’s fur.


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