All the Cray that isn’t Fish

It’s said that in Cleveland that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. It’s also asked “What do you call a day in Cleveland where it’s 70 degrees and sunny after days of rain?” The answer is, of course, “Monday”! After weeks of nice weather, it suddenly began to pour over the weekend. And on friday it decided to hail. And saturday, too.

A photo of some of the hail we had over the weekend, taken from a local news site.

This after weeks of dry as a bone tropical weather. Of course it was still toasty as the hail came screaming down and melting immediately upon gaining contact with the wet ground… My sister and I left to visit my mother and get lunch on the way and pulled into a fast-food joint as it started hailing hardcore. The banging of the hail on the car roof was so loud I had to shout to be heard in the front seat. Naturally that first thing I asked as we pulled in? “So do we try to shout over the hail through the drive-through speaker… Or run inside as fast as we can!?” At the top of my lungs. I got a dirty look for that one. Ah, hail humor.

We decided to wait it out. It calmed down just long enough for us to get our food. It stopped by the time we reached our destination. Somewhere at home my strawberries had become a sadder sight, with holes in the leaves. The next day it did it all over again. And now we’re getting frost warnings every night!

Oh Cleveland weather, you sly dog, you! You’re so crazy!

Credit to Abby Howard @

Naturally all this cray wasn’t the limit to the cray cray. On friday morning I woke up and immediately cleaned cages so I could sell some rabbits. The one Purina was in had gotten pretty bad with all the not-so-baby bunnies in there for so long. The babies went home to a couple getting back into breeding rabbits after some 20 odd years. The other two ladies were due to go home as well, except one of them has something like a bacterial infection of the tear gland (wat? since when is that a thing?) and needs treatment. We’ve been doing a saline flush and chamomile, but it’s not working well. Unfortunately that means antibiotics. The good news is that it’s an inexpensive relatively safe treatment. All the while Greg was handling a job interview and application process for a very decent office job that could cover all our bills. Crazy morning.
Then I went to visit my mom at the hospital during the hail storm. She got some holes in her belly put back together the day before. It was also the day after her birthday! What a birthday, huh? She was eating had candies and drinking apple juice; impressive considering they did a minor intestinal surgery. She was doing great, already up and walking around with a gusto. She wants to be done and OUT of there! And soon she will be and will be back to normal again… At least for now, and that will be good.

I came home and had to clean up hail damage. I ended up having no time to post my foraging friday. I’ll do a double next week to make up for it!

Then on saturday we woke up and all the oldest baby bunnies broke out again. luckily they’re in the garage so as usual they only give us some frustration, it’s not serious. I really need to find a way to put mesh tops on those cages… And one one of them they chewed through the netting wall around their water bottle! I fixed it with some wire mesh; they can’t chew through that! Then we went out grocery shopping.
Leaving Greg at work immediately after my sister helped me unload the groceries into the house. And by “help” I mean she dropped a 24 pack of cookies on the floor! She picked them up, but left them open on a nearby table. I immediately had hours of stuff to do, and so putting the cookies away didn’t take top priority. Whoops.
While I was out taking care of my sister’s dogs, Nukka the Crazy Husky got into the box of cookies. Completely ignoring the less-irritating oatmeal raisin cookies she snacked down on TEN very BIG cookies some four inches across… Each one filled with something toxic such as chocolate or macadamia nuts. (Please note; raisins and grapes are also toxic to dogs. This was a bad situation all around.) Naturally I didn’t notice until much later that evening when Greg went for a cookie and we wondered where they had all gone. Normally in that situation you’d fill your dog’s tummy with hydrogen peroxide until they puked it all out (this is legit, I swear), but in this case it had been five hours already and I figured they were probably digested. The next day she had all the symptoms of a blocked intestine, or potentially pancreatitis. She puked all over her crate and it smelled like diarrhea, which was something she also had. She was starting to drool and couldn’t keep anything down. Oddly enough she showed none of the symptoms specific to toxicity like shaking legs or lack of appetite.

So Sunday night I spent in the lobby of an emergency vet with my cray cray cookie-thief of a dog. And I stayed there until well into this morning. Greg wasn’t with me because he now has a new job and started today. After a large bill was handed to me they had determined she had a swollen intestine from all the crap she ate and was otherwise fine. No blockage, normal pancreas, no toxicity. This is not the first time this has happened. She got IV fluids, was given no food for 10 hours and then was put on a bland diet with anti-nasuea pills. She’s recovering quickly so far.

And now? We’re being the crazy dog owners that cook food special for their dogs. Boiled chicken and white rice for 2-3 days.
And poor Greg? This whole time he has been trying to get this job that will pay all our bills, and got it. Upon the getting of which he realized his two week notice at Starbucks wasn’t up. Now he has 12 straight days of work ahead of him after all this craziness, one of which is a 12 hour day.

And as of today? I have sold 11 of the 12 in the new litters of rabbits.

Oh life… Y U no be sane?


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