Kibbles the Devil Bunny

I am no longer certain that Kibble’s pedigree is correct. We bought her from a breeder that handed us a pedigree upon dropping her off, but there must have been a mistake in the paperwork somewhere down the line because I don’t see “the devil” listed anywhere in her lineage… But it really ought to be.

Look at that glaring eye, plotting your eternal demise.

She’s always been a little bit finicky about being touched, which sucks because she, being a rex, is very soft. And when she is lifted up it sometimes looks like her huge eyes are going to pop out of her head. Sh never liked it when I pet her, or lifted or, although she’s always been curious about her surroundings.

Then she got pregnant and we moved her outside.

Now she’s just batshit crazy. An object worth sniffing? ATTACK IT! A hand reaching into the cage? FULL ASSAULT! Her bowl of food? FLIP IT OVER VIOLENTLY! Her nest boxes? DEMOLISH THEM!

Seriously, every time I go to check on her she’s growling at me, swatting with her paws, stomping her little feet, charging me… She’s just gone nuts. I’m going to work with her to see if I can improve her behavior at all, but it’s REALLY up in the air right now. I don’t know if it’s her being pregnant or her allergies or what that is driving her nuts, but it’s there.

But she DID manage to give me five healthy kits yesterday, four dark furred and one white. I checked on her in the afternoon and found she had pulled a nest (not in a box of course, those were all destroyed on contact) and there were three babies scattered about her cage, alive and clean. I quickly tucked them into the nest and by this morning all was well and there are a total of five curled up together, all fed and active. This is really good because rabbits have been in huge demand lately. After selling off the entirety of this litter by three weeks old, I’ve been contacted by other people looking for kits too… And I have a huge list of people looking for rabbit meat, but if they just keep selling live I am not sure I will even have any! A friend wants to buy some 20lbs or so for an achery event and BBQ he’s holding… I don’t think I’m gonna have the rabbits for that by then if they keep selling this way! We’ll have to see how these rex crosses turn out. I’m hoping they get the big body of their dad and the soft fur of their mother.

Evo is due any day now. She made a nest in a sturdy box but I have no idea what’s going on with her. She managed to get out today… I had the cage unlocked while I got some fresh greens for them and the next thing I knew she was no longer in her cage four feet from the ground, but was instead hiding in the wood chips by the chicken’s pen… I do hope she’s OK and that her kindle goes better than her last two. At this point? I need the rabbits!


7 thoughts on “Kibbles the Devil Bunny

    • Or they’ll kill eachother when I’m not looking… Last time two of my rabbits were in the same cage for an extended period one got a huge bite on her rear a couple inches across. It took weeks to heal.

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