Crunch time!

So I recieved an e-mail recently telling me that the people with my australorps would like to get rid of all their birds by friday.
THIS friday.

Naturally this is quite a bit of a problem. I do NOT have my coop built and I DO have my garden beds needing to be done cropping up very rapidly. In fact we ordered our dirt and wood chips and they will be here on friday. Hopefully I will have people to help me move them come saturday.

So now that the weather is warm I have less than a week to prep my garden areas AND my coop AND my chicken pen. Well, poo. At least it’s been above 50 degrees the past few days!

Luckilly I finished prepping the first of my garden beds. It has been double-dug, sand added, and topped with newspaper and a thinner layer of topsoil out of bags. This will be my root veggie bed. It’s important to have loose, sandy soil for root veggies because otherwise they will grow strange, deformed and stunted, especially in clay soils. Sand helps break that up and allows the roots to penetrate very deeply!
And speaking of root veggies I bought a few new seeds. I caved and bought beets and cucumbers for pickling, and a bag of onion starters! A $2 bag of onion bulbs could give us onions for like six months or so at the end of the season. The beets and cucumbers are organic but the onions are not. But they were too tempting to pass up. We eat a LOT of onions and I LOVE growing things!

I got the last of the supplies for the coop itself and work has begun. Since thing is going to have to be done quick, I won’t post too much about it yet but I’ll take pictures as I go and make a big post about how I did my coop at the end of the building.
I will say that the coop will be 4’X4′ on the inside with two 14″ nest boxes in addition. This is big enough for 4-5 adult chickens depending on their size. It’ll have a sloped roof being 3′ at the front and 2.5′ at the back. It’ll have one large window made from an acrylic sheet screwed into the southern side and sealed with a sillicone sealant. It will have a simple pop door, and sit off the ground on cinder blocks with a detachable ramp down into the pen. It’ll also have a large side-door that stays shut most of the time to allow me to clean the coop.

Looking forward to showing it off when it’s done!

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of sprouting heirloom organic arugula! I have to go drill some more and escape the squeaking of out newest litter of mice!


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