Looking Up

Seven baby rabbits seems to have been all it took to make things turn for the better. They have grown rapidly. Generally it’s been cold and I haven’t been checking on them too closely but last night I found their seven squishy fluffy warm bodies laying like sardines in the nestbox, completely uncovered. Some of them have started opening their eyes, they are all well-furred and their ears are growing out! This litter is also growing VERY quickly. They are not even two weeks old yet but they are HUGE and chubby. Purina, the mother, is eating almost two cups of food a day, maybe more, in pellets alone! Greg and I have decided to keep one of the does from this litter to raise for our own use to replace Evo or even Purina as she gets older. These rabbits have to be at least 6-8 months old before you can breed them and who knows what those six months will do to Purina’s breeding capabilities. I’m hoping nothing but she’s getting older. The fact that she can produce a litter of seven at 3 years old is impressive!

I did re-breed Evo. She is on her last call for a live litter. Normally I would not be breeding her again, but she IS an experienced mom and I bred my Rex, Kibbles, at the same time. Since, if this pregnancy takes, it will be Kibbles first litter it’s possible that having a second mom (even one with a small or dead litter) would be a great boon to keeping the kits alive!

Some of my new plants are sprouting! As I said before, the Kale and Arugula ARE in fact popping up but more surprising is the swift and powerful germination of our peas, which exploded with life almost immediately. No sprouts have come out of them yet but if you nudge the dirt, these tiny dried-up seeds have become huge, broken open monstrosities with shoots coming out. Not a bad thing at all! My spinach and my non-heirloom/organic herbs are in seed starters too. I bought the herb seed packets for funsies one day and I figure I should grow them! I will also be trying to grow non heirloom but still organic beets and cucumbers that I bought seeds for at the last minute. Whew!

And work on the chicken coop has begun! A nice lady with some australorps agreed to try to hold them for me while I got my coop together! My brother in-law and I went out to Home Depot and heaved large peices of lumber and cinder blocks into the back of his smalish car. With some cramming (and some probably illegal beams-sticking-out-the-windows-of-the-car-as-we-drove) we got all of the non-deliverable peices of my coop home at last! Today I can start work on it! But I may have gotten the wrong size screws. Again. Derp.

This weekend Greg’s mother and two of his siblings came to visit. It’s a little annoying for both of us when they only visit for one day like they did this week. Greg always is left feeling like he didn’t get to spend time with them. Personally, I wanted to show off my rabbits and didn’t really get to. Also it’s so much work to make our house so clean for someone who is showing up for one day. On the brighter side, however, we got my mother out of the house for an awesome breakfast and she had a great time! It was so good to see her smiling and laughing and acting normal again. I think with this she may end up with the confidence to go more places more often despite her medical issues… And that’s good. She needs to get her normal life back to be happy.

Today I work on the coop and place orders for garden dirt, wood chips for filling low areas of my lawn, and for the last of my coop supplies! It feels like spring is FINALLY getting here so I better get to work on it! Wish me luck!


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