Two Weeks

Yep. It’s been a solid two weeks or so since I last updated again.

I have vauge excuses in the back of my mind; I’ve been busy with things, cleaning up the house and stuff like that.

The reality is I think I’ve just been depressed and unmotivated. Winter seems to be clinging to Ohio like a little kid, desperate for the chocolate bar attempting to bar wrestled away by their aggravated parents. Winter is that little kid, and I am the aggravated parent. The candy bar? It’s probably my life I’m trying to struggle out of winter’s grasp.

Winter gives me drearies and doldrums as it is. I really find myself unmotivated both going in and coming out. Just a few days ago we had a good 6 inches of snow on the ground, and that was the shallow areas. And while honestly, having been born and raised here, I should be used to it by now I just can’t seem to not hate snow on easter. (A phenomena that occurs every few years here on the lake.) It’s almost april and it’s still freezing and snowing.
Mush that together with Evo giving me yet another 4-kit still born litter, Greg flailing around madly trying to beat his last class before graduation into submission, and my mother’s helath troubles and it’s a recipie for me just not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.

Some of my peppers came up, but unfortunately didn’t STAY up. Currently I have only one pepper plant that’s doing well, although my pumpkin is thriving and sending out shoots right and left. My corn has been re-potted and my tomatoes are doing somewhat averagely.

I really need to get started on the next round of seeds – quite badly – but there comes those doldrums again. I just don’t feel up for scooping poo mud into pots right now. Even though if I wait much longer the plants won’t grow well. Fooey.

And I got plywood for my chicken coop through a long series of mishaps. Now all I need is my 2X4’s, some caulk and a sheet of plexiglass and I can build it. But that means going and getting just those very things. Which means convincing someone to get me to the store and back with a huge pile of wood.

On the brighter side of things I’m quite proud of Purina. She had a beautiful litter of seven baby bunnies yesterday, all alive and warm under a thick layer of fur DEEP in the back of the nest box. And I have been getting calls and e-mails from people interestein the rabbits already and they weren’t even born until yesterday. We’ve decided to keep one, maybe even two as breeders for the future.
And I did my first canning as well, canning of vegetable broth. The jars sealed well and are now on our shelf until we need them. Next step; chicken and turkey broth! I also managed to dehydrate strips of celery on an evelated wire mesh frame. I simply put this frame (which is really a restaraunt condiment holder upside down) on a towel covered in baking soda in a well-ventilated area and dropped the strips of celery on it. My sister gave me HUGE mounts of celery to do something with, and since drying it works my rabbits will have celery bits in their food for a long time. After that I think I’m just going to store them in a jar or something with some rice in a paper towel to help KEEP them dry.

My rex has NOT given birth or nested and today is day 33. I will be re-breeding her on day 35 or so. I get the feeling that the breeder did not make sure she got bred. I am not sure she was EVER pregnant. But she’ll be having her next litter in the outside cage while spring in in full swing! I hope her allergies tone down!

This weekend is easter… Happy easter everyone! We’ll be forcing my mom to get out of the house and go visiting that day for the first time since her operation. She is at-home now but has an open, packed wound that is healing well but limits her mobility. I think getting out will do both of us some good.


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