Sunny Days

Well, it’s been a rather uneventful week on the homestead. After the rush of rabbit processing, things slowed down immensely for a brief while. Daily tasks were accomplished and we took some time to sleep and recover. My mother, who has been in the hospital for a month, is now home but requires at-home assistance which has been the main focus of the past week. With my father home over the weekend, I got to stay home but I will be back attending to her come tomorrow. She has a large open wound and is very unsteady on her feet after being in a bed for a month but she is recovering.

We’ve had some sunny days this week and all four rabbits got some time outside in the sunshine on a finally (relatively) dry lawn. We had some fresh grass so I decided to just let them go to town. I simply took my “spare cage” as a rabbit tractor (which is one of my not-so-spare dog crates with no tray and a rabbit toy in it) outside, put a cloth up for shade and a bowl of water in it. They were quite pleased over it! But we found out that Kibbles has some serious allergies of some sort. Inside the garage she couldn’t care less, but outside she started sneezing a lot. I brought her back in and the sneezing stopped. I hope this is temporary. I would like to move her outside permanently after she has her litter.

You can’t tell but it was super sunny in this shot and I could hardly see my screen so all the shots came out at akward angles.

Today in particular the sun decided to shine brightly! It got up to a whopping 68 degrees today! Tomorrow the temperature plummets back below 30 and we get lots of rain. But for this one day I spent it outside in nothing but jeans and a sports bra doing yard work and watching the dogs play. The rabbits were happy to be in a shady, cool spot in the lawn today, and while Purina took her time in the temporary bunny tractor and I cleaned her cage. She feels a little starved for fiber for some reason and started litterally eating the fllor of her cage. I made sure this evening that she had a very thick layer of hay in her cage and I gave each of the rabbits a cm thick peice of rose branch nearly a foot long. They were delighted and my sister who came over to have her dog play in the back yard was a little mortified by how quickly they can slice through such a thick twig. (But was very intrigued by the possibility of getting some rex or half-rex furs in the future out of kibbles!)

I also cleaned up around the rabbit hutch. I dragged a rake out and raked up all the hay, wood, carboard and feed that had spilt on the ground. Between that, cleaning up the garage a bit and cleaning out Purina’s cage the compost pile re-filled quickly and will now take a week or so to mellow down again. Every time I add new compost it is huge and in a few weeks it’s half the size. Still, I’ll be adding even more to it soon when I change the other three cages of bedding. I still haven’t gotten aorund to cleaning up Tasty’s old cage for kibbles to move in… Because kibbles has a potential 2-3 months indoors still! I tidied up the lawn a lot in general as well, stacking some branches and raking out garden beds. My wild garlic is trying to sprout as well. My peppers in my seed starters finally sprouted too!

I got myself 6 sheets of 1/4inch plywood for my chicken and duck coops as well. The plywood sheets had to be cut in half to fit in the car and we had to work at it but it happened. They were being sold for $7/sheet, when at a box store they tend to go for $24/sheet. I am quite pleased to have saved $100 this way. I may also be getting a huge load of wood chips from a tree service company that I can fill in the low points in my lawn with for free. If I just fill all the gaps everywhere with wood chips they will decompose slowly and become great fetile ground. Bugs love wood chips and chickens love bugs, so the birds will be happy living on the wood chips and the carbon in the wood chips will react with the nitrogen in the chicken poo causing a glorious scent-absorbing composting bed right where the birds live. It’s like a deep litter method of bedding in a chicken coop… But outdoors!

The taxidermist that took Red and Orange sent me a photo of her work. I’m not sure it’s very respectful, but I don’t feel like these particular baby rabbits were very dignified anyhow… So maybe it’s appropriate.

And lastly, Evo is due this week. This will be her second chance to try to have a good litter. Last time she did not cover her babies well and they froze. She seems to be accepting the nest box but this may still not go well as right before she’s due to give birth she has a massive temperature drop and has recently been seen to be trying to nest… Directly in front of the nest box. 😛 Here’s hoping she’ll actually use it! Either way we’re going to be monitering her VERY closely.


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