Infinate Onions and Roots

It’s a plant update! Today I sat down to poke at my seedlings. They’re coming along very averagely. The corn is flourishing, huge strong leaves popping out of two of three seed starters and the third is sprouting. Three of the four tomatoes are sprouting heavily and the fourth is sprouting just a bit. I have one huge, succesful-looking pumpkin and no peppers yet.

I looked in my pepper seed starters and a few of the seeds germinated but havent done much else. I covered them up with fresh dirt and re-watered them.

My corn is probably the most impressive thing on the planet with HUGE roots breaking through the bottom of the seed starting containers and trying to attatch themselves to the often-damp aluminum foil that they sit on in the grow box. Shockingly enough this doesn’t go well, but it does go to show their extraordinary growth potential. Soon they will need larger pots!

I will be starting more seeds soon. My sisters want some of my plants and I’m happy to oblige. I also found myself at Home Depot and picked up some basil and parsley seeds to grow in pots indoors. I’m looking forward to having a huge set of basil plants to make fresh pesto with whenever I want. Chicken pesto alfredo is a particular favorite of mine and dried basil just doesn’t work well.

I also decided a few weeks ago to try a little experiment. My mom used to root plants on her kitchen sink window sill by just sticking plant-ends in a dish of water. So a few weeks ago I shoved a carrot top and some green onion ends in a clear glass with water and a pinch of poo-dirt. The carrot has grown more top, but not much root. I may try to move it to dirt soon. The onion on the other hand has grown exponentially, starting out as about a 2.5 inch long piece to a foot-long piece in just a month. I wonder if I can’t just cut them off and keep growing them this way forever. I would never need to buy green onions again!

Green onions, nearly a foot long on the left, and a well-sprouted corn plant on the right. Both have huge, healthy roots!


6 thoughts on “Infinate Onions and Roots

  1. I have a friend that has onions in a cup of water in her kitchen. She just cuts the tops off as she needs them, and they regrow since the roots are still intact. I haven’t heard of anyone grow corn in starter pots since they grow so quickly. When do you plan to transplant them?

    • The package suggested starting them up to 10 weeks in advance of planting outdoors. And planting outdoors in early spring is nearly impossible here since we often have frosts until mid-may. I’ll be moving them to larger pots soon and then outside around mid-may.

      • That’s very interesting. My packs of corn seed say to sow directly. But we can plant here around mid-April. I guess it just depends on where you live. Good luck on your seeds. I started mine last week.

    • I keep green onions in a mason jar of just water in the kitchen in a sunny spot. I can cut off the tops up to about 3 times and they will regrow before they give up the ghost. Still, its like getting 3 packages of green onions for the price of one!

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