Incredible Morning

This morning I went outside to feed the rabbits only to find a huge nest in Tasty’s cage. Tasty bred last month and was due to deliver tonight or more likely, tomorrow. I gave her a box to nest in yesterday. Instead she delivered last night, but didn’t use her nest very well! She built it in a different corner of her cage and left it open just like Evo. I came outside to another frozen litter of baby bunnies. Disappointed in my does I brought the four limp, stiff, purplish bodies indoors in a pile of fur and decided to give them a shot at warming up. Couldn’t hurt to run them under warm water for a bit right? The worst that would happen is they were still dead.

Amazingly enough all four of them were still alive! I ran warm water over the biggest one for a bit and gave it a firm rub. It began to wiggle and within moments was moving and mouthing and squeaking! These rabbits felt like their skulls had been frozen through but they were still alive! All four!

The rest of the morning has been a flurry of trying to take care of these little ones. I did a forced feeding where I held mom on her back and put the babies on her to try to get some milk moving and something warm on the kit’s insides. It seemed to go OK though I am not sure how much they ate. I am not even sure that Tasty is done giving birth yet. She hadn’t finished cleaning herself off even. I have made a nest INSIDE the nest box this time and lined it with fur and hay from Tasty’s own cage. I now have the four babies inside my bra to help warm them up too! I am pretty sure two of them ill make it. Not so sure about the other two. I have to get them back out to their mother soon or she could reject them entirely.

Meanwhile, my dogs have been making a wreck of our newly cleaned house, got into the trash, spreading it all over. Luckily the person coming for the two does had to reschedule so I don’t have to worry about that today at least!

What a morning!


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