I really don’t like cleaning at all. It’s my least favorite task of the day and it’s one I’ve allowed to fall by the wayside. And not just a little either – a lot. The dishes have piled up, my table was covered in things, my living room a mess, the study needs to be swept… And my garage is a veritable nightmare.

So today Greg and I sat down to clean. He got to stay home from school because everyone else in his class (teacher included) is sick. So we spent the day cleaning, he in the house me in the garage. I have been meaning to organize my garage for months. The baby bunnies live out there and I kind of feel bad about how messy it is. I haven’t cleaned up even though I built both grow cages and the rabbit hutch in there. The grow cages have been spread out through the garage haphazardly and in the middle of the floor. There is hay and random peices of broken wood everywhere. There are unpacked boxed from our move sitting around and open boxed that we HAVE unpacked… It’s just been a mess.
So I set to work cleaning up. I moved the grow cages to the walls where they are out of the way, and began sweeping up the floors. I threw out peices of broken wood, bits of plastic and bent nails. I unpacked the last of the boxes and I nested them together before putting them on and under some shelves. I started moving things into a more organized fasion; shelves against walls and putting things on them. It’s been going well and the result is a much cleaner garage; important for when I start selling these baby rabbits.

I also found out I have enough scrap to build a spare cage of reasonable size. This is great because I have been considering growing out some of the rabbits to see how they develop (or to use for furs), especially the buck, Green. He has been escaping from a topless cage over 30 inches high. I am considering training him for rabbit show jumping. Yes, it does exist! The highest jump recorded was 39 inches. If I could train Green into it I might take him to shows as a jumper.

In any case I’ll be working more on the garage tomorrow. Having it clean, prganized and nice looking will be a benefit to everyone, even the rabbits. I look forward to having a nice looking area for my rabbits!


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