One Of Those Days

I meant to respond to yesterday’s Daily Post Challenge with something meaningful, I really did. Then Greg started playing with the dogs and between dogs barking and him laughing being meaningful just wasn’t happening. I gave that up pretty quick!

It’s been quite chill out lately. The good news about living where we do is we are very nearly right on the lake. Our lake is fantastic for as long as it remains thawed our area is a little warmer. But it’s also a bad thing because once the lake freezes all hell breaks loose and out temperatures plummet and stay down for a long time.

So far the lake hasn’t frozen. It doesn’t every year. Lake Erie is a very active lake and it takes a lot of very low temperatures to make it freeze. So even though it really ought to be in the teens or even single digits at night it is instead hovering around 20 degrees. (Fahrenheit of course.) The wind chill still brings it down to single digits though, and recently even the rabbits have been feeling it a little more than ususal.

Both rabbits have a box in their hutch for shelter but Evo likes hers to be upside down. She likes it so much that she went ahead and built a nest (hay only, not a kindling nest) to help her stay warm in her upside-down box. I feel like I should turn it right-side-up to keep her warmer but I also feel like she worked so hard to put it there and build her nest I’d feel bad ruining it. Instead I have been pulling the tarp over the hutch for wind protection. Evo’s cage faces the wind and so I simply pull the tarp across her cage and every night and I wake up to her cheerfully sitting outside her box and relaxing when I remove it for the day. And Nutro? He’s simply unphased by all of it.

Today the baby bunnies turn four weeks old. I recently went out and sexed the whole lot of them. It looks like we only have three females… One of which is the cross-breed. Oh well. Either way it looks like the two purebred females will be getting a new home with someone who wants them as a 4H project. They already picked up their buck from a different breeder and will be getting their does from me so that is exciting. The chances of selling four bucks is low, however, so I should have plenty left over for meat when all is said and done.

I took another trip out to the feed store since it has been more than two months since I got these rabbits. The feed store we go to is a really nice place and they even carry major pet brands of things like Blue Buffalo dogs food and Kaytee Pro-Health rabbit food. If you wanna get picky, a bag of feed is supposed to last me one month between the four rabbits and their litters. It’s been lasting longer than that but that’s a really good thing considering that I don’t have my litter numbers full-blown yet. I also picked up my bag of diatomaceous earth. This will solve my mite problem and any other bug-like pests I may get.

And mite treatment has been going well too. The crusty buildup in the rabbit’s ears is gone and they hold their ears normally much of the time now. I have to keep up treatment for a month. Mineral oil only kills live mites, not eggs or larvae, so you have to treat on days 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 14, 20, and 28. The rabbits fuss over having oil put in their ears but I’d rather have fussy rabbits than ear mites!

And lastly, because of the warm sun we have had lately I started digging my first garden bed. The ground is cold at night and the air is cold always but the sun warms things up enough for digging. I will need a lot more space than this one little bed will provide… But I’ll get there when it’s warmer! Brr!


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