Today and yesterday were big days for the litter of babies. Chuck came over to deliver a 75 gallon tank to my house that I purchased for future animals and helped me weigh the seven babies. Of them, six ranged between 6oz and 6.5oz, and the one runt came in at 5.1. Poor runty bunny.

Keeping up with the babies has been going well. Today was between 10 and 14 days which meant it was time to change the bedding in the nest box. At this point the babies had soiled the nest box quite nicely and it was getting damp inside. Conveniently it was also time to change the whole cage’s bedding.

So out the bunnies came and into a cardboard box lined with hay and a heatlamp overhead. Then I salvaged as much of mom’s fur as was clean to stuff in with them. In the end they cozied up together and were comfy.

Don’t worry, the blue is just marker!

After that we let Purina out to chill while I cleaned. She was pretty upset at first when I removed the nest box to clean it out but settled down quickly.

Settled. I swear.

Then out came all the gross hay and in went the new!

Clean hay in the nest box!

As I started to put the baby bunnies back, Greg snapped a shot of one of them looking exceptionally cute. At this point the look less like blobby babies and more like honest-to-goodness bunnies! Then they all got settled in and I threw the rest of the fur on them to help keep them warm and prevent them from crawling out… Something they were desperate to do as I put them in the fresh nest box. But they settled down once thier siblings were all in.

Someday you will be delicious. I hope.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

After that we herded Purina back into her cage much to her delight. Normally she is hesitant to go in but this time she was quite eager to make sure that everything was OK. I was glad and was able to feed her without a fuss.
We also got her a hanging toy from the pet store. I like to look at bird toys for rabbits since they often like the same things. The slightly salty straw, the bells, the wooden sticks, often fruit wood… This particular one has Lava Rocks on it. These are good for rabbits and birds because they wear down teeth (or beaks) which are ever growing in these animals. Overgrown teeth are BAD. I found this toy in clearance for $0.80 (or eighty cents)! What a great pice for such an important toy! After all was said and done, Purina checked on her babies, made sure they were safe and went to eat dinner contentedly. Not a bad day at all.

A much happier bunny in the end.


5 thoughts on “Weigh-ins

    • I really appreciate it! Make sure your sister checks the nest every day for dead kits and make sure they’re being fed. 😛 Just one dead kit can kill the whole litter. If the babies have round tummies in the late evening (my doe feeds around 7PM) and are warm they are probably being fed. I hope the kits live!

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