New Year!

Today I spent the day celebrating the end of the year with family and friends. We waved good-bye to the old with curry and Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and we said hi to the new with Wii-U and Champagne.

This time of year you’re supposed to reflect on the past year and what went right (so you can do it more) and what went wrong (so you can avoid it). It’s kind of like a game of Good Idea; Bad Idea. (Does anyone else remember that?) For example!

Good Idea;
Buying our own place where we can do what we want.
Bad Idea;
Having it right across the street from my sister.

Good Idea;
Making a solid business model for a more sustainible and humane food source.
Bad Idea;
Not finishing the rabbit hutch before the babies were born.

Good Idea;
Getting a fish+tank to improve air quality (humidity) and have a low-maintainance pet.
Bad Idea;
Not putting his heat pad on when it got cold and turning him into a zombie by accident.

Good Idea;
Walking our dogs on Gentle Leaders with strong leather leashes.
Bad Idea;
Leaving those both within chewing range of Nukka while she is in her crate.

Good Idea;
Asking for (and getting) a pressure canner for christmas to store food away.
Bad Idea;
Forgetting to ask for jars.

Good Idea;
Getting a fence installed.
Bad Idea;
Not locking it so your sister can’t sneak her dog-aggresive senior dog with infectious teeth into your yard unbeknownst to you until you approach with your dogs NOT on gentle leaders and nearly have your rams ripped off because they want to go run. (See Good Ideas/Bad Ideas #1 & #3.)

So you get the gist of it.

I think the biggest thing I have learned this year is to roll with the punches and chase your dreams. I could have an ordinary job right now; working at whatever 21 year olds with no official education nor true desire for modern life work at. Gamestop or some such. Or flipping burgers. Or being a host at a restaurant. Or I could even go to college right now to pursue a slightly more fruitful endeavor at the cost of 40 grand and four years of both a lousy job AND school only to end with a mountain of debt and only marginally better off and then being stuck in another meaningless daily-grind job that depresses me to nearly a clinical level.
Or I could be happy. I could be living a life that takes a lot more work and moves more slowly but in which I feel fulfilled. A life in which I do not feel depressed, trapped or unmotivated. A life I desire to live at all. A life that doesn’t make me want to punch everything (including myself). It feels like from here, I can only go up if I try. hard enough

This year I have been happy. Really and truly. And that’s my real goal for 2013.

Be happy.

And that’s what I hope you strive towards too.


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