Happy birthday to…

No no, these guys were born almost a week ago!

Actually it is MY birthday today. In fact I am turning 21, which is a little crazy. Often times I feel a little more like 30 than 21. Certainly everyone I know is much older than me. My best friend has me beat by 5 years and some of my friends are my mother’s age and in thier 50’s.

The best birthday present I could get was Greg coming home last night. My sister came over and we had some spaghetti for dinner. We played some video games and then spent the night in bed just holding eachother. It’s so wonderful to have him home again!

But tonight we will be going out to Dave and Busters for dinner with some friends. I am looking forward to it. For those who don’t know, D&B is like Chuck-E-Cheese for adults. There is an arcade, restraunt and bar. And no kids allowed. The games tend to be a little older so they have things like Hydro Thunder. And like Chuck-E-Cheese, you get prizes for points earned in your games. And the prizes aren’t just bad candy (unlike Chuck-E-Cheese) they are also things like shot glasses, PS3’s, clothing, cellphones, quality stuffed animals, MP3 players… Things you could see young adults wanting. It promises to be a good time.

As for the picture above, Greg and I checked on the babies today. That’s all seven of them bundled into a ball. We have a process now for checking on the babies. Washing our hands, warming the towel in the dryer and using vanilla is still imprtant, but now we let momma bunny out into the basement while we check on the babies. This gives her some good exersize and it keeps her from doing things like biting my elbow when I crawl in and disturb the nest (which happened when I checked on the babies while Greg was gone). Then we put the babies back after assesing thier condition and feed Purina before herding her back into her cage and putting vanilla on her nose.

Today I discovered that, in addition to the HUGE baby that I assume is Tasty’s there is a runt of the litter. It’s being fed, otherwise it would not be alive right now but it is pretty small and skinny. As soon as the bigger bunnies start eating solids it should get a better chance to grow. It could actually be it was born a day late even. In the above photo it is the baby at the very top, trying to burry itself under the rest.

But here is a better photo.

You can see how small this bunnys hips are in this shot. There is the rest of the litter in the background corner.

We took photos of the big one but they did not come out very well. So here is one of the random mid-sized babies.

Such a cute little nose!

In a couple of days the biggest one should open it’s eyes and the others should be a few days behind. The one that opens it’s eyes is Tasty’s and I can re-mark it for sale or processing as the cross-breed. As for the runt, some people say to cull runts early but I see no reason to do that. I want to give these rabbits the longest life as is reasonable for a meat animal to have. It’s being fed and once it starts eating solid foods it should manage fine and could become one of the biggest rabbits, or the best for sale as a pet. Runts are not rabbits to simply be dismissed. And one more baby is always better than one less.


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to…

  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for another enjoyable post (well, except for the “processing” part – my inner child is firmly in denial on that) and please pass along to Purina and Tasty that I think their babies are lovely 🙂

    • Thanks, and thank you for reading! It’s good to know that people enjoy my posts. :3 Unfortunately processing animals is the only way to get meat… So to make it more fair I try to make sure my animals live well unlike the animals that go to gorcery stores. I will let them know they have lovely babies with some carrot peels tonight.

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