Blizzard Time!

This is my front lawn and I can’t see my street at all. Can you?

Well, this was almost the type of storm I was talking about when Sandy hit. When Sandy hit things were fine for us, but here (at long last) is the snow. But I was talking about an Alberta Clipper with Lake Effect snow. This is a crazy set of terms for people NOT on the great lakes, so I’ll explain.
Alberta is north west of Ohio where I am located. The wind and storms often come from there; the north west. They blow down, sweeping through Canada and building up a LOT of cold before passing over our warm lake and picking up a lot of water. It does that because the lake is warmer then the air and evaporation and convection and all those things we learned in third grade and it makes some MASSIVE snow clouds. Then it all gets dumped on our state and those near-by such as NY and PA in the form of wet, heavy snow.

This storm is strangely coming from the south. Down south it was causing tornadoes. It’s a storm that is just so naturally powerful that it can hit us hard. Sandy could have been this storm if it were colder. It’s still not as bad as lake effect which brings us similar amounts of snow but far more ice and bitter cold. Coming from the south this air is comparably warm. But it is still due to dump a foot of snow on us over the day and night… And quite possibly delay Greg’s flight home from visiting his family for the holidays.

However, I love snow. And my animals and I have been having a blast. I took the dogs into the back yard today for a romp before it started really dumping on us and we played with a ball on a rope. I also took a few pictures I thought I’d share.

The view from the diningroom window of my homestead or thereabouts. I was outside but right in front of it. You can see the fence encompassing our own little slice of nature. Deep at the far end is the un-finished hutch.

Here is said hutch, standing solidly up to the snow. When finished this thing will have a tarp that can come over the front to make the rabbits snug as a bug. All the snow in there is from earlier in the month as I was facing the storm while taking these pictures.

Persy and Nukka running side-by side as they both latch onto a newly thrown toy. This is one of the best action shots I have of my girls as they’re normally moving so fast they blur. They do look somewhat savage, though.

Soon it’s time to go shovel my drive a bit as my sister is visiting me today. She brings with her some games, presents and good company. Her dog and mine will go romp in the snow, hers becoming buried because it is so small and mine effortlessly gliding through their natural environment at speeds I can only achieve in my dreams. I will also probably take pictures. Later I will enjoy my treat to myself; a steak dinner with sides of veggies and biscuits as the only dinner I will eat alone while Greg is away. I make some of the best steaks around. It’s a shame he’s missing out.


2 thoughts on “Blizzard Time!

  1. So your hutch is your basic shelter for the animals? I was thinking I would have to build a shed for them, but I like your idea, if of course my interpretation of your hutch is correct haha.

    • You are correct. Rabbits are cold-weather animals and can easilly tolerate temperatures even as low as -10 as long as they have solid shelter from the wind. In addition to the tarps each rabbit will have lots of hay to nest with and a cardboard box from Costco turned over for additional shelter and warmth should they need it. A shed is better, especially if you want to breed in the winter without bringing them in, and it’s even better if you can run electric out to it somehow. It also allows you to just stack cages on shelves or tables. However, I have VERY limited space and so we decided on the hutches. :3 There are some plans for the hutch earlier in my blog but I think I need to re-write them to include what I learned about it in the process of building it. Also a shed can be bad if you don’t have it VERY well-ventillated for the summertime. Rabbits start having trouble at about 80 degrees. It gets far warmer than that here.

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