Yesterday we were supposed to set the posts for the rabbit hutch but something came up and my friend Chuck couldn’t come. So while we were all set to do just that (set the posts) it didn’t happen. It may happen today but it seems unlikely… Which means that I won’t be able to get the rabbits out of the temporary enclosures just yet.

So to remedy Evo the Magic Escaping Bunny, we put up some simple deer-netting to keep the fluffers in.

It’s not super-sturdy but since these cages are in my garage it doesn’t have to be. It would only need to be sturdy to be predator proof and my garage is pretty predator proof as it is. And the small holes will keep the baby bunnies in when these are finally grow crates.

The netting goes all the way around.

Currently we have Purina and our boy, Nutro set up in the basement so we can try some breeding. They’ve temporarily taken over my dogs crates for just that task and I’m letting them get toasty warm and exposed to light so they think it’s not winter enough that they’ll breed.
The theory right now is because the does are cold and unresponsive it’s unlikely Nutro has successfully bred ANY of them. Especially Purina who is a cranky butt. So the pair are in the basement together where it’s quiet and out of the way.

Even though she has the cage all to herself, Evo still sits in her box looking like a duck.

And although we didn’t get to set posts last night I had a friend over and we used our fireplace for the first time. It was looked over by a chimney sweep and we were ready to burn some wood. So we spent the evening in front of my fire as my house slowly began to smell of wood smoke. At one point I blew on the colas to light a new log and set off the smoke detector. Whoops. But for a few hours my little fire kept the house warm, even raising the temperature. Go fireplace go!


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