Da Hutch

Mornings are getting into a routine. Wake up, wrangle any escaped rabbits, take out the dogs, eat, feed the rabbits, take out my sisters dogs, feed the little bunnies and the dogs… And then settle into non-morning chores until Greg gets home from school.

Today Evo was out and about, and Nutro managed to get into her cage at which point he broke into Purina’s cage through the wall. The mesh for the walls can’t get here soon enough! At least Tasty is safe.

The descision had been made to not breed Tasty or Evo but instead to breed Purina and see what happens with the other two. Maybe I’ll actually manage to breed Purina, but considering last night we’re stuck with situation #1 again.

However, work on the hutch has started. Yesterday we spent a couple hours measuring and surveying our lawn for distance from houses. Then we dug out post holes. In the dark. In the mud. It’s been raining a lot lately and our water table is apparently especially high right now. We didn’t dig six holes… We dug six small wells.Tthe good news is that we hit clay, and clay is awesome for building a rabbit hutch on. Or rather, for pouring concrete onto and having it stay in place.

Today we will be setting the posts in concrete and tacking on the support beams. We will also be wrecking a little more wood.

By the end of the weekend we should have a hutch. Solid, beautiful, and in-escapable.

I’m looking forward to it!


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