So we have had the rabbits for 48 hours now. And Evo has gotten out not once but three times. She found a gap in the bars JUST big enough to fit through. It takes her a little while to wiggle through it. Our netting for the sides will be coming in very soon and it really can’t get here soon enough.

On the first time Evo got out she was alone. She ran behind the wood stacked in our garage and was tricky to catch but we got her. We thought she’d escaped from the top so we put up some extra beams… But as it turns out, these rabbits still don’t get standing up very much. The next time she got out she managed to entice Nutro out of his cage. They frolicked in my garage together for who-knows how long and all I could think was “it’s a good thing she’s the one I wanted to breed!”. So we re-caged them and put up some temporary patches to the gaps while we wait on the deer netting.
Then last night, not only did Evo get out but Nutro decided that nothing would stop him now and at an unknown hour he broke into the adjoining cage containing Tasty… The second rabbit we wanted to breed.

Well now we’re using a staple gun to adhere the barriers a little better, but it brings up an issue. Did he actually breed either of the girls? Rabbits are tricky to breed sometimes. To get a rabbit to ovulate you have to breed them once, and then breed them a second time some hours later. The first breeding normally starts the ovulation and the second actually does the job. Which means if Nutro bred either of the girls, now would be the time to breed them again.

On the other hand, if he didn’t I could breed them and there’s a chance nothing would happen. And if I breed a third time it could cause complications. Rabbits can carry two litters at once and if that happens they could both develop wrong resulting in nothing but deformed blobs for both. In theory, because it’s so early I should be able to breed a third time without incident… But that puts a big strain on Nutro, our buck, and to give him a rest would risk a double-pregnancy. So thier escaping antics has put me in an awkward spot.

I could re-breed them both twice ASAP. But Nutro might not be even able to do that.

I could re-breed them once and risk not getting either litter.

I could try breeding Purina, who is skittish and anxious and I wanted to give her extra time to settle in before I breed her. But she’s not been exposed to Nutro yet so she’s the only rabbit I’m sure about.

I think I will try re-breeding Tasty and see where it goes from there… But first I need to fix these cages! Yeesh!


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