Rabbits! …Almost.

Today promises the wonder of great things to come! I have finished the bare minimum for keeping my rabbits until my hutch is built.
Because I was told I need to get the rabbits this week I will be keeping the rabbits in pairs in the grow cages until further notice. These are substantially sized, but not as substantial as I’d like for the rabbits but they should only be there for a week, tops. If nessicary I can divide the crates into two sections each giving me four individual spaces for the rabbits. The upside is that technically even like this the rabbits have “enough” space and they’ll be used to the conditions they’re going into. The down side? That’s a 2’X3′ space each, or industry standard. Not adequate for the health of the four animals on which I am betting my money. These cages were not designed to be divided or hold fully grown rabbits.

However, work on the hutches will probably happen next week. And it should be a 2-3 day project. All the materials are there… It just needs to be chopped up and slapped together.

And did I mention we’re getting the rabbits tomorrow? Yep. That’s happening. It’s ACTUALLY happening! I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming because this is something I HAVE dreamed about for years now. It looks like we’ll be coming home with two New Zealand does and a pair of Californians (one boy one girl). All young-adults and proven breeders. I’m very excited. I really hope the californians are as nice looking as the owner claims because having the option for purebreed Californians would be nice.

And we have gotten all our supplies in order. Our package of bowls, toys and bottles came in yesterday. The 3-10 day economy free shipping got it here in 36 hours. I can’t begin to express how happy I am about that. What would have costed nearly $100 at a box store cost us $65. And our hay is coming in today as well. A timothy/orchard grass blend that will be the best deal we’ve made… Currently we buy timothy hay from the pet store… A 6lb bag costing us $15. That is $2.5 per pound. We are buying in bulk because this will be both litter and food for all six rabbits and we are getting it at $0.27/lb. And that is an expensive price because we are buying late in the year! Next year will be even better.

And tonight is spent relaxing with Greg for our aniversary. Yes, today promised to be very good indeed!


5 thoughts on “Rabbits! …Almost.

  1. Wow, stuff’s happening on a quarter acre! I love reading about your progress, and the process behind it. It makes me realize how lucky we are to live in farm country 🙂 Had a nice visit to The Funny Farm next door today.

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