That Stuff

Today I woke up to some anxious girls. As thier behavior altered towards the high-strung I went outside with them, only to discover why. They eagerly began running around, shoving thier nose in a sprinkling of white powder some ill-willed person left around our house this morning. They grew more and more misbehaved as I pulled them in forcably to get them away from the addicting stuff. I can’t fathom why someone would leave such a dangerous substace around my house where my girls could get at it, but there it was.

That’s right folks.

It snowed today.

Look at this deadly powder all over a log in our yard!

Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a little. Today it did snow… Pretty much all day. A light snow that hardly had the strength to gather in tiny piles on rooves and leaves and will be whisked away by the 40 degree weather we will be getting later this week. In fact most of it simply turned into a sort of dampness as the ground was still warm from our 3 days of 60 degrees. But the girls are both sled dogs at the base of both thier hearts and genetics and when the weather gets cold they get REALLY excited. Snow is thier favorite thing and you better believe they had thier nose in it the moment they were outdoors. To the point that I had a LOT of trouble controlling them. Foolishly we tried a stroll into the back-yard only to almost have my arms ripped off when Nukka decided that sled dogs should ALWAYS run when there is snow on the ground and Persy agreed. Normally this wouldn’t happen… Except for the fact that Nukka chewed up BOTH of our gentle leaders this week.
Thanks, Nukka.

Snow or no snow life goes on. More work got done on the crates today. I spent a while sawing wood and removing nails from boards. Our new washer and dryer FINALLY came in so we can do laundry in our own house at last!
My rabbit breeder got back to me. I can come and get the rabbits! I will probably end up with a male/female californian pair and a pair of New Zeland Whites. For those who don’t know, this is the most popular group of meat rabbits I could own. NZW and Californaians are the two most popular meat rabbits and the crosses are some of the finest (if most boring looking) meat rabbits around. Having my meaties… It’s so close! I can hardly wait!

In preperation I have been chasing down my hay and supplies. I found a local company called Pet Solutions where I am ordering my various food and water holding supplies from. I even have four Flip’N’Toss carrots coming in to keep my sweet little rabbits entertained. After all, enrichment is the best way to keep captive animals happy and toys do just that. In the future I wall also get them some critter ke-bobs for lava bites,veggies, and cactus chews. My products haven’t arrived yet but thier prices were great and they gave us free economy shipping because we ordered over $50 of stuff. One-day shipping was only $10, but since they’re based in Ohio we will probably get them within a few days anyhow… So we went for the free option. Our hay provider hasn’t gotten back to me yet. We also need to make a trip out to a feed store for rabbit pellets, cracked corn and Dietomatious Earth.

We have plans to build the hutch this week. While today was freezing, later this week it will go up to the mid 40’s. This will make it good weather for building the hutch. I will have a couple of friends coming over and bringing some tools making building things MUCH easier. So far I have been using a hand saw and a screw-driver… You know… The kind you hold in your hand and turn using a great deal of elbow grease. It’s been rough. Having just a few basic power tools will make things go MUCH quicker.

Also our aniversary is this week. I have been with my love, Greg, for nearly three years now. It seems like so much longer. We own a house together. We do chores together. We have gone through so much together. It’s the greatest blessing in my life to have such a loving and supportive man. This year has shown that most of all. So while the snow falls outside I’ll be able to stay in and warm, curled up against his shoulder and I’ll be greatful for the things I have.

And hopefully? I’ll have rabbits to be greatful for too.


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