Just a little longer

Hurricane Sandy passed us with about as much force as I thought it would. We lost power for several minutes, and then had some rolling brown-outs through the night. My sister had one of her property line trees come down betwen hers and her neighbor’s house… But we spent the night inside eating candy, fruit and playing games with my siblings and husbands. It was dark and cold and dreary but at long last it let up.
And by let up I mean the wind died down. It’s still raining. A lot. There are huge puddles in the left half of my back yard and the ground squishes when I step on it. I guess I am not planting my squashes over there next year! It’s supposed to stop on friday but who knows for sure.

Technically tonight is halloween, but trick-or-treating has been postponed until the weekend because of the storm (although it’s really not that bad now that Sandy has passed). So tonight will be spent doing typical things around the house. However I’d like to throw out a brief reminder to PLEASE keep your pets indoors on halloween. Animal abuse on halloween is common and darker colored cats are especially prone to it. When I was a kid we owned a russina-blue cat and the one year he got out on halloween he came back especially haggard with a cut on his leg. So just keep them in.

The wood from the shed continues to come apart, although I am annoyed that both nails AND screws were used. And some of the wood is older and just falls apart when you put a prybar on it. It makes it harder to work with to say the least. Since I don’t have pallets I have revised my previous plans for construction, replacing the pallets with a similarly-shaped structure of heavier beams with this strange, worn cedar siding as slats across the top. Then the sheathing goes over that as the floor proper and I have an even more-solid hutch than previously planned. It seems to be a good call all-around. All of the wood that falls apart will go on to be firewood once we get our chimney swept. I think it’ll work out well.

And unpacking continues. Our living room is properly arranged and soon our whole house will look and feel like a house. I am looking forward to that. And we have estimates for fencing coming in soon, which means it may acutally get done after all! Farmdom here I come! In a couple of weeks I should have the rabbit hutch up and rabbits in them ready to breed me some spring bunnies! We’re SO close!


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