Well, we’ve battened down the hatches (sort of) and prepared for the storm. Sandy is considered a tropical storm and is already making waves. The power went out today due to not one but two poles coming down on near-by streets. The result was that our street had ALL the cars today. All of them. It was SO busy on our tiny little street (Really! Our street is about 15 houses long!) that a traffic jam happened and people were turning around and going back the way they came.

We went out and got some rabbit food (Which I can’t WAIT to be buying in bulk! So expensive!) and some new toys for the girls because we missed Nukka’s birthday in early october. (Whoops.) I started building up ice in the freezer in case the power goes out and I’ll be grateful for the already-cooked lamb curry still frozen in a block if the power DOES go out. We have bottled water and lots of non-refrigerated food. I even dug out our flashlight, magnetized and stuck on our fridge. The best part? A package from Greg’s mom… Bags of candy, an edible arrangement (more fresh fruit!) and treats for the dogs! Now we’re REALLY ready!

I’m actually not too worried. While we’ve already seen some damage, it’s really not too bad. Storms from the south, even big ones, don’t worry me. Here on the great lakes it’s the storm from the north that worry me. Despite all that we do to keep this place as winter-proof as possible, a lake effect snow storm that drops 2-4 FEET of snow over a few hours will cripple this city in a way that no tropical storm will. Hurricane winds and rain? That gets a LOT worse when it’s hurricane winds and snow. People still drive in hurricane winds and driving rain up here. People go outside. I have seen people WALK in stuff like that. For that matter, I have walked in hurricane-force storms. But nobody goes out in a blizzard except for the people who lived near my parents house with the team of sled-dogs! Heck it’s 6:30 and I can still see outside. And the flooding? Well, yes. Technically snow doesn’t flood… Until we get a freak warm week in January and those four feet of snow melts into one foot of water across the ENTIRE city flooding every river and street around right when you least expect it.

So the wind can blow and rage and scream at us all it wants. Sandy’s little temper tantrum doesn’t scare me. I’ll be inside my little homestead with my animals, warm and safe.

Let me know when Alberta starts coming over our lake. Then I’ll start to worry.


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