So it’s been raining. A lot. In fact it’s been raining SO much that I haven’t gotten anything done recently. We finished cleaning up our apartment and are going back today for the last few things we left there (like the vacuum) but aside from that not much has happened.

Look at how lovely the weather is…

Unpacking has continued as the rain has kept falling. I finally got the kitchen unpacked recently only to find that there were boxes of kitchen things from the POD we got. Bother it.
We got ourselves a rake to take care of some of our leaves but the rain put a damper on those plans. (Hah, get it? Damper cause it’s WET!) It also has delayed fence-building and post-hole-digging for rabbit hutches. And dog walks… We HAD a routine… Until it decided to have freezing rain for a week. Now the girls don’t even want to go out to the bathroom, let alone go on a long walk with me.

It did not, however, delay food shopping in which I bought tons of veggies. We now finally have food in the house. There are carrots, more squashes, asparagus, noodles, apples, bread, lunchmeat and spicy Thai peppers. It feels like we can finally eat properly again. Now I just need to figure out how to cook this acorn squash I got…

Hopefully I will get some work done on my pile of wood in the garage. When the rake was purchased, a prybar and a set of work gloves were also acquired. This means that I can take apart all of the very heavy wood reclaimed from a shed. I tried doing it with just a hammer and screwdrivers but unfortunately hammers are not very good at removing nails embedded BELOW the surface of the wood. And if I can get it apart, I can at least be ready or when the rain does stop. But with the remnants of the hurricane Sandy “superstorm” set to hit us n the next day or so, I doubt that will happen any time soon.


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