Well, I haven’t updated in a week! The reason for that is we moved! I meant to get in one last update before we moved about how we WERE moving… But I never had a chance! So todays update is structured a little differently and my appologies for not being around!


Friday started out great. We rented a U-haul pickup truck and did a little bit of cursory moving. Then we went out and got some reclaimed wood from a shed that will be turned into my rabbit hutches. That still needs to be torn apart but there’s a lot of it! Finally we went to Home Depot to buy the rest of the wood we needed, concrete, miscillanious hardware, and some appliances. We put everything in the cart and then bought our appliances. Suddenly our card didn’t work… Turns out there was a limit on it we didn’t know about that put a block on our bank account. After two hours we finally got through the checkout just BARELY turning the u-haul back in in time and going to meet our friend who was visiting for our moving party at his bus stop. It was close!


Saturday was spent buying food for our “we’re NOT moved in yet” party. We have a lot of good friends for which we are greatful and we were excited to treat them all to an awesome night. There was lots of food and games… And group singing Bohemian Rasphody on Rock Band at 1AM. It was a long day and a longer night but it was worth every second.


Sunday was the day of the move itself. We got a 17′ truck for the day and loaded everything in. It was a long day spent boxing, packing, hauling and cleaning. This is all we did the whole day. There were lots of exciting moments such as carrying out boxes. At the end of it we sat down around a portable table and ate some amazing takeout chinese food and then slept like rocks. It was uncomfortable being in a new place but we were too tired to care.



Monday and tuesday were Greg’s days off. So what did we do? We did more work. On monday we recieved a POD from a relative of Greg’s. Earlier in the year this person decided to move from a big house to a small apartment leaving us a bunch of things we COULD take. We asked for a select few items… And got almost all of them. There were a few really interesting items but some of them were things like tacky paintings or a broken desk. And the whole thing was packed very poorly. So we spent the day tidying up our house and trying to fit things in.


Tuesday was the first day to do any real exploring of our new place (although we already knew about most of it). We met some neighbors and the weather was nice. I went in the back yard to explore only to find some wild garlic chillin’ in a patch of english ivy. Turns out there were some older women who retired here and planted some of it that spread rapidly when they left.

A close-up of one of the garlic plants with more in the background.

I ended up harvesting a fairly large amount of it and made some garlic butter sauce to go over toast which was amazing. Wild garlic is very strong but it is also very small. Which means I spent a good 15 minutes peeling the same amount of garlic that would take me 15 seconds with conventional garlic. But it was honestly fun peeling it and I had some time to spare that day. The fact that I had any time meant that it was one of the only days I took pictures this week. I also picked a bunch of dandelion greens from our yard.

Tiny, tiny wild garlic cloves straight off the plant.

After more unpacking my boyfriend and I set out to make a butternut squash soup since we had a butternut squash from a sale. And it was delicious. I thought I would throw up some pictures and a recipie of that too.

  • 1 Butternut squash (ours was about 2-3lbs)
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 3 cups chicken broth (We used 3 cups water with 2 cubes of chicken bullion)
  • 1 onion
  • 1-2 cloves garlic
  • heavy cream
  • salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste

I started cleaning and chopping squash while my boyfriend diced the onion and tossed it in the pot with the wild garlic and butter. The whole thing sauteed for about three minutes and he began adding the broth and dissolving the bullion.

The smaller it is chopped, the faster and softer it cooks

After that we tossed the squash into the pot an boiled it for about a minute before letting it simmer for 20. This meant the squash was soft. REALLY soft. Which is EXACTLY what you want. After boiling and simmering we mashed it down a little and added some nutmeg, salt and black pepper. Then we put it in a a tiny food processor (though a blender would work too) with some heavy cream and turned the part we were eating that night into a puree of amazing.

Simmering squashes, Batman!

The rest went into baggies and in the freezer. I learned an awesomee way of bagging semi-liquids in another blog post that I just can’t seem to find now (but it was titled Pumpkinpalooza 2012). You pour the liquid in a zip-loc freezer bag and lay them flat on a cookie sheet which goes in your freezer. The result is a neat little flat package that’s great for storage and can be stacked into boxes or stood upright. It worked great.

Wednsday and Thursday;

These two days were much the same. Greg went back to school. Work started getting done on the house. I started on removing a lot of the english ivy in the back. There’s a big circle of it over some landscaping boulders that are in the way of my animal pens. Plus english ivy is dog-toxic and highly invasive. The roots of this particular system were several inches thick in some spots and I still haven’t gotten through all of it. Persy will be sad when it’s gone though… She thinks rolling in the ivy patch is the BEST!

Rolling in ivy has ALWAYS been awesome, mom!

I also made a delicious lamb shank roast with a side of dandelion greens with wild garlic butter sauce. It took a bit of convincing to get Greg to try them. The garlic was one thing… It was familliar, came wrapped in little skins and was up off the ground. These strange leaves were picked stright off of the dirt and were something else entirely. In the end he ended up liking them more than I did! The leftovers got turned into a curry that also went in the freezer and the bones went to the dogs at which point they spent an hour gnawing off bits of meat and marrow.

And finally…
Friday Again;

Rest! Today was spent watching a movie, setting up our internet and sleeping in. There was hot chocolate and time spent on our new wicker couch just napping. There were video games and grilled cheese. There was finally getting to reply to e-mails and make this post. Today was the day where we patted eachother on the back and smiled at our new home. Convieniently today was also the day where the temperatures dropped from the low 80’s to the mid 50’s and it started sleeting a little. There’s still work to be done… But we have worked hard for a week now and a break was much needed.

Hopefully it’ll be a little less wet tommorow!


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