Warm Wave

Well, I was going to try to avoid spamming my blog with pictures of my animals much like I try to avoid filling my phone with the same… But like my phone I suspect it won’t be long before I have more pictures I want to put in than content. I love photographing my critters and yesterday turned out to be the day to do it and made me regret my previous photos in choppy light. The weather suddenly jumped back into the 60’s for a good 30 hours and the heat allowed some of the wet in the back yard to evaporate… But not much. Despite that the sky was bright and the lighting was nice and even so I could get some good shots. I am constantly hoping for a good photo to use as my header to replace the dumb pinecone-on-a-rock I have right now… But of course they are all still of my dogs at my apartment so none of them are really fitting.

The back yard of our apartment has a strange layout and along one side there is a stone retaining wall with ivy growing all over it. Behind that is a chain link fence and the whole thing is around 8 feet tall or so. The wall has perhaps a foot of space (probably less) before hitting the fence but the dogs love it. Nukka does springboard flips off of it while they play, and they have both been getting more and more comfortable jumping up to and standing on this wall… Making me glad I am getting a more solid fence for my own place.

This pair of dogs are always a bit of a contrast with Nukka being the silly one, tongue hanging out and silly faces all the time and Persy always trying to be a more refined and calm (or just lazy). After running like mad they decided to take a break… On the wall. Nukka jumped up and just collaped but she is about six inches wide so that wasn’t too surprising. More surprising was when Persy jumped up and did the same, being twice as wide as our little husky. They are really going to miss this wall I think. My girls make this thin broken stone, slick with vines look like a luxury bed in this shot… But it’s a REALLY thin wall! Between them lies the dratted tree that was blocking all our sun from my last post.

Finally, I perched myself on the most open part of the wall, behind some bushes and shared a quiet moment (and some pop-tarts) with my girls in which we were all relaxed. I finally got a good shot of Persy. You may notice that her brown eye has a hint of blue… Yes that’s there in real life too. She is a gorgeous girl.

We also got our contractor in to look at our house and give us an estimate. We’re going through a group both my parents and my brother-in-law’s parents went through and we are confident in them. It looks like the bathroom tiles will be slightly more than expected but other than that they are spot on. We are having a “we’re NOT moved in yet” party on the 20th and we’d like to at least be able to lock our doors before then…! Hopefully things will be getting done soon.


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