Today was the first nice day in a long while. The sun was shining and it was dry so I decided to take the dogs into the backyard to frolic for a little while and snap some nice fall-y photos. We won’t be in this place much longer and I’d like to remember it. Unfortunately a large tree on the edge of the yard blocked most of the sun, but it still came through in a couple of places.

The first thing they did was go to the bathroom… I didn’t photograph that of course. But as always, right after going to the bathroom they went running around like mad (or doing “zoomies” as the agility course people would say) chasing eachother. At some point after poop duty was done I threw the stick that Nukka (the husky) is carrying in the first picture. Both dogs are amazingly speedy… Nukka could be much quicker if she’d just settle down and RUN but instead she spends half her time jumping in the air and frolicking like the completely loveable dummy she is while her tail flails about comically. Persy on the other hand is much more grounded and when she runs she does nothing else, her tail down and being firmly used as a rudder as she powers forward. It’s very fun to watch both of them.

After that they spent some time wrestling and moving too quickly to get anything but blurry photos. Every once in a while they would get distracted and stop for a moment so I could get a quick shot.

At one point they were stopped in this fantastic pose where Nukka was play bowing and Persy looked all riled up… But the moment I went to snap the photo the both heard a squirrel in the trees and stopped to stare at it. Damn you squirrel! However, this is probably the best photo I got of Persy today.

Nukka always looks stunning in photographs. She was beautifully bred and I have to say I couldn’t ask for a better dog. She’s surprisingly small at only 40lbs and she has that big belly tuck that all racing dogs do. She also always wears her leash. Always. While our yard is relatively secure there are a few gaps and sometimes she tries to wander off and she certainly does not listen to her commands off-leash because she is a husky after all. However, she’s not bright enough to know that I can just grab her leash instead of her so she wears it. She learned in her first month with us how not to trip over it and she does fine wearing it now.

I have found that Persy can be very difficult to photograph. She is secretly a brown dog but all of her guard hairs have black on the ends giving her this black-and-tan look with creamish legs. Being neither the contrast of black and white nor the glory of a solid brown she tends to wash out… A lot. One of these days I will get her in proper sun when her beautiful browns shine through. She could also probably use a bath.

I also went and picked up my sheathing for the rabbit hutches today and dug up some old NZW rabbit ads. I sent out some e-mails and found someone with young adult animals for sale just a 40 minute drive away. They are Boring White Bunnies but they will produce at least without a nine month waiting period. Good-bye winter tunnel! Hopefully they wil still be around once I get the hutches built… I really need the rest of my wood!


2 thoughts on “Sunshine!

  1. You are a husky lover!! I have two. One was a gift from my husband before he was deployed. He is solid white with black eyeliner & blue eyes, we believe he has a lot of Malamute in him because he weighs 100lb now. The other husky is a rescue from the pound via Alabama Siberian Husky rescue, She is Nala & she is all husky. Come take a look, they are everywhere in my blog! -Amy

    • I am! But I honestly love most dog breeds. Keep in mind that many AKC huskies are bred above breed standard. Actually, Nukka’s dad was around 85lbs (and AKC)! He was HUGE. I didn’t have to bend to pet him and I am almost 6 feet tall. So you could just have a big husky. I will take a look!

      Thanks for commenting!

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