The House

Buying a house, as it turns out, in an arduous journey when you have very specific needs. After months we have finally secured our homestead. We had a number of houses bought out from under us by higher bidders… And at one moment I though I may have to re-name my blog “third-of-an-acre” homestead because we almost bought a magnificently large house that ultimately was outside of our budget (and got bought by someone else anyhow). But our house, situated pretty far forward on a 0.239 acre lot will be about as close to a quater acre as you can get.

With the advent of the house will come the advent of the homesteading. Which means a lot of plans are ebing made. I have been looking and having trouble finding the animals and supplies I need within a reasonable distance. It’s worth noting that at the moment we do not have a car and we travel by bus, bike or foot when we need something. As such going even a mere hour away is hard and most people don’t deliver even for the offer of extra cash.

And all that aside there are some repairs and rennovations to be done on the house before we can even move in (though our closing date is within the week) and that means more waiting. The furnace needs replacing (I really want a wood burning one but I doubt that is happening), the garage needs to be fixed up in several places and the bathtub pipe does not drain. However these repairs are minimal compared to those many houses have and will be taken care of in short order. Also high on the agenda is a six foot privacy fence. The fence is very important and a requirement for any suburban homesteader, keeping out people and pests and keeping in your critters.

In the end I believe my plan, while a little rushed with the onset of winter, will bear fruit!


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