The Beginning

In the beginning there was…. A dream.

A dream a little city girl had of owning – of all things – a tiger. Tigers were of course massively impractical but that dream never really was given up. This interest pushed forward the pursuit into ways of keeping tigers. Tigers meant lots of land outside of a city, and lots of land outside of a city meant one thing; farms.
Thus sparked a lifelong interest in nature. Combining the power of internet research and many local resources this little girl set out to learn eveything she could about nature, farming, keeping animals, growing plants and living a natural lifestyle.

Now that little girl approaches her 21st birthday. And she is, of course, me. My goals have changed massively since I was so young and though I would still like to someday own a tiger I know and understand that such dreams take time and money… The types of things that can happen after I find myself in an established veterinary practice with a fancy degree under my belt.

But there are very real things that can happen now. I am already an avid animal lover with two dogs, two mini lop rabbits, a fish… And half-a-dozen other animals already under my belt, gone over the bridge. I’ve had a year of experience in the small animals department at the pet store, and I’ve touched far more animal noses in my lifetime than shaken hands with new people. And it’s my goal to begin to produce sustainablility out of our own home for my little animal family.

I have some help… My wonderful boyfriend Greg will be with me every step of the way. He is graduating college soon (whereas I am going into it with a late start) and will be providing for most of the basic house bills…. And it’s my intention to do what I can in my spare time to lower those. I also have several sisters and assorted other family members in the area to give me a hand. Not to mention a huge network of friends.

I’ve been doing my research and I decided that my first project will be rabbits for meat and fur. But first we need the house.

Today we decided to buy a house newly placed on the market. It’s on nearly a quarter acre of land which is amazing for being so close to a city. Most of this is back-yard space that is extremely secluded. We have plans to put up a 6ft wood fence around the back yard to keep in the dogs and other animals while keeping out deer and predators… But most importantly it is to provide the privacy needed to keep, breed, butcher and grow our own food without the neighbors having to see the process… But it is nice because our neighbors feel far away due to the nature of the property even if they are, in reality, fairly close-by. The front yard is very sunny and will be great for any full-sun vegetables… Assuming we can keep out the deer! Some of (much of) the land ner-by is very wooded. Good for privacy – bad for vegetables.

But all this will be moot if we can’t get the house itself. Here’s hoping that they accept our offer. Once the paper work in finalized the housing project begins!


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